Powering Kindness Campaign

The SU of Marino College are taking part in the Powering Kindness Campaign for the Marie Keating Foundation- we think it’s a great initiative for students as it is not asking for time or money and so it’s an ideal way to encourage them to support a charity. It’s also encouraging students to be kind to one another, and that’s always a good thing in the long month of January!

Its very easy to get involved- teachers and/or students simply need to do something kind for one another or celebrate when someone does something kind for them. An act of kindness can be anything, big or small. Some acts of kindness in a school might be:

  • Holding the door open for a fellow student
  • Picking up a pen or a book that someone has dropped
  • Helping to put all the chairs on the tables at the end of the day

During Powering Kindness Week, students/teachers can then go to www.PoweringKindness.ie or go on social media using #PoweringKindness and tag @mariekeating (please note that on social media, the hashtag and tag must be used in order to be registered as a ‘vote’).

The Marie Keating Foundation is on facebook and twitter and will keep an eye out for any activity and try to like and retweet as much acts of kindness as they can to show the students how much they appreciate their efforts.


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