Student Reps


Your Class Reps are the spokespeople for your class within the College. The most important part of your job is to represent your classmates. You are the voice of your class and it’s up to you to make the liaison teacher aware of problems you’re facing, and bring us ideas for how to make the Students’ Union more effective for students. It’s important to realise you are representing your class, and not yourself when you’re in a class rep meeting. Try to get the support of your classmates if there’s a contentious issue up for discussion at a later class rep meeting


You’ll make new friends and work with other motivated and enthusiastic people. Gain skills such as leadership and negotiation. Employers regard class reps very highly and the skills you gain are crucial to furthering your career.


As a class rep you will become a leader. If there is a problem, your class will turn to you for help. If your class want to do something, they will look to you to help organise it. You will be a spokesperson. If your class has something to say, it is up to you to say it. If your class wants to get together and have fun outside of class then it’s up to you to plan an event. Therefore you will be an organiser.

As a communicator, if something important needs to be said, you must ensure that your class listens to you. If someone wants to talk about something, you will become a listener. Classmates are going to want you to listen. Occasionally class reps may find that a member of their class will approach them with a personal issue that is causing them some distress. The best advice is to listen to the student as best you can and then seek help and advice from either the SU liaison teacher or the guidance counsellor.

Attending Class Rep meetings
You are the voice of your class. If all class reps actively get involved in the class reps meetings, and propose new ideas and raise issues, the Union can be very effective at bringing about positive changes that will help all students at Marino College.

Get involved in SU campaigns
The SU, with the liaison teacher, will run various campaigns throughout the year to bring awareness to pressing issues in society from mental health week to sexual health awareness week. As a union it is important that we highlight these social issues.

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